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Double Glazing Myths

18 February 2020

-Despite the popularity of double glazing there are still many common myths and misconceptions surrounding it.

So, as experts on the subject, we’ve taken a look at some of them to see if they hold up! 

Myth: All double glazed windows are just as efficient 

Building Regulations stipulate that today’s windows must achieve at least a ‘C’ rating for energy efficiency. However, this does not mean that all double glazed windows achieve this. In fact, many are capable of achieving higher ratings. Our range of windows, for example, are ‘A’ rated, so they’re much more efficient than the minimum standard. 

Myth: New double glazing won’t last for very long 

Double glazing is capable of lasting for 35 years. However, various factors affect the lifespan of double glazing, such as: 

  • Installation quality 
  • Exposure to weather and changes in temperature as these can cause it to deteriorate more quickly 
  • The quality of the materials used in its construction 

We use the highest quality materials and expert fitting teams to maximise the lifetime of all of the double glazing windows we install. 

Myth: Double glazing is expensive 

Although double glazing can be a sizeable investment, it offers exceptional value over time; by replacing all the windows on an entirely single-glazed house with double glazing, you could save up to £155 a year in energy bills. 

As previously mentioned, double glazing can last for as long as 35 years. So, if it continues to work at full effectiveness for that long, you could save £5425 on your energy bills over that period! 

Myth: Replacing old timber windows with new double glazing will spoil the look of my home 

Modern double glazed windows replicate the look of traditional timber windows. For example, timber-look windows can emulate 19th-century timber window designs, including their flush window sashes and mechanical corner joints. Plus, their low maintenance uPVC frames can also have woodgrain finishes applied to them, so they look just like wood. 

Myth: Double glazing allows too much noise to get inside the home 

Double glazing is highly effective at keeping noise levels down in your home. This is because sound has to travel through two panes of glass which are not in direct contact with one another, which dampens the sound significantly. The Argon gas cavity that sits between the two panes of glass also has different sound-wave properties. This causes further disruption to the sound-wave vibrations. These features work together to give double glazed windows excellent sound dampening properties. 

However, as triple glazing has another pane of glass and cavity of argon, it has even better sound reduction qualities. Secondary glazing is also a more effective noise barrier than double because there is a larger distance present between the panes of glass. 

Myth: Fitting double glazing will eradicate condensation in my home 

Condensation forms when warm, moisture-rich air comes into contact with a surface that is colder than it. For example, the glass pane of a window. The warm air is unable to retain as much moisture and so it’s released it onto the cold surface. 

As double glazed windows have a warmer glass surface than single glazed ones, they suffer from less condensation. However, during the winter, they’re still likely to experience some condensation. You can reduce it by ensuring your home is well-ventilated at this time of year. 

Myth: Double glazing is only fitted to uPVC windows 

This misconception exists because of the boom of double glazed uPVC windows that we saw in the 1980s. However, all the popular window materials in use today are fitted with double glazing, including timber and aluminium windows. 

Myth: Secondary glazing and double glazing are the same thing 

It’s easy to confuse these two because, in many cases, there will be two panes of glass in use. However, secondary glazing involves placing an additional single glazed window over the frame of an existing window. Double glazing, on the other hand, consists of two panes of glass and an Argon cavity that sits between window frames. 

Myth: Aluminium windows are better suited to commercial projects 

Aluminium windows are incredibly sturdy and the powder-coated finishes applied to them retain their quality year after year. They also have beautifully slim frames, leading to architects and installers who work in the commercial sector regularly seeking them out. However, these qualities are just as beneficial to any homeowners who are looking for an attractive, secure and long-lasting window solution for their home.  

At Warmseal we have a huge range of high quality double glazing and triple glazing windows. Get in touch today to speak to our team to discuss your needs to get your free quote.

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