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Six signs it’s time to replace your windows

3 March 2020

Glazed windows and doors typically last for around 20 years. However, there are a number of factors that may affect the length of this period, increasing the need to replace your windows earlier than expected. In this blog post, you can discover six signs that indicate your it’s time to update your windows.  

1.Condensations and build-up of moisture in your windows 
Condensation will build up between glass panes when the frame or sash is damaged. This will mean your window’s performance is impaired. Condensation builds up between double glazed panes when the seals have been damaged. This means the argon gas between the two panes has escaped and cold air is now entering your home.  

  1. The frame is beginning to rot away
    A rotting frame is one sure sign your windows requires replacing. Frame rot cannot be repaired, and your only option is to invest in its total replacement. Frame rot is aesthetically unpleasing and will usually mean your windows are failing to keep out cold air from entering your home. Frame rot is likewise a ‘burglar magnet’ because many burglars are aware that unsecured windows are an easy way into your home. 
  1. The window isn’t fitted securely within the frame
    One sure sign your window require replacement is when the window is not fitted securely within the frame. This is problematic because it means heat can escape from your home and outside drafts can get inside your home. This will make your home cold and uncomfortable. This will force you to increase your gas and electricity usage in a vain attempt to keep your home warm. Insecure windows also make your home vulnerable to burglary. What’s more, burglars actively look out for signs of unsecured windows, making your home an easy target.  


  2. Your windows are only single glazed
    Many older properties we visit are fitted with single glazed windows, these windows can look just as good as double-glazed units and let in just as much light, but they are much less efficient and let in the cold. You can feel the lack of effects of single glazed windows both in summer and winter, in winter you will notice that your rooms are always cold and in the summer your rooms will be too hot.  Single glazed windows will also not be doing you any favours with your home heating bills.  Our advice for single glazed windows is to simply replace as the benefits are huge. 
  1. External Noise 
    Modern day life has brought with it lots of noise, if when you are in your home you can hear lots of noise, whether from passing traffic or from people walking by, then this an indication that your windows are old. Today’s windows are designed to reduce sound transfer, we also have multiple options available depending on the severity of the noise levels you are experiencing from double glazing, triple glazing and specialist internal glazing. If you are looking for a quieter, more relaxed home then our noise reduction windows are what you need. 
  1. uPVC window frames beginning to discolour, perish or peel
    When your uPVC windows reach a certain age, the plastic will begin to discolour, peel and perish. This is due to the natural ageing process. When you purchase windows, ensure you choose a supplier who offers a 20-year guarantee as standard. This will mean you will not need to pay for replacing windows, if they begin to peel, perish or discolour before they reach 20 years of age. 


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