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Triple Glazing – Windows That Keep Noise Out?

11 March 2020

How to improve energy efficiency and eliminate noise with triple glazing windows

 Triple glazing was formerly the preserve of extremely cold countries like those in Scandinavia, but in recent years it has become widely available in Britain. 

Hundreds of UK window and door suppliers now stock triple glazed products in their respective ranges, including us, and most sell it under the premise that triple glazing will do the following:

  • Significantly reduce draughts and cold spots in rooms
  • Significantly reduce the cost of heating bills
  • Significantly reduce noise pollution

It’s difficult to argue with the first two bullet points as high-quality UPVC triple glazing, with a U-value of 1.0 W/m²k, can potentially be around 40% more thermally efficient than standard “A” rated double glazing and 60% more thermally efficient than standard “C” rated double glazing.

Whether triple glazing can significantly reduce noise pollution for those living on busy main roads and close to rail tracks and airports is questionable though as triple glazing doesn’t necessary reduce noise penetration any more than double glazing.

What you need to know about triple glazing and noise

Sound travels more easily through a solid than it does through the air. For a glazing solution to reduce noise, the glass utilised in the window units has to be of varying thicknesses to prevent noise from travelling through it effectively. Therefore, triple glazed units that contain glass and cavities of the exact same thicknesses will make have very little impact when it comes to blocking out external noise. It will only have the desired effect when the correct sealed unit is used.

Don’t rule triple glazing out though!

This doesn’t necessarily mean that triple glazing isn’t worth the investment, it is!

As we’ve mentioned earlier in the piece, it does excel when it comes to thermal efficiency and triple glazed UPVC windows and doors are nowadays not much more expensive than their less thermally efficient double glazed equivalents. Introducing a third pane of glass to your windows will also enhance home security.

With the autumn and winter seasons not too far away, triple glazing could prove to be a salvation when the weather bites and help save you money on energy.

Warmseal has an extensive selection of triple glazed products

If you have any questions regarding triple glazing and its ability to block out noise, speak to one of our consultants who will be able to answer all of your questions.

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